Multiple Teams · Spring Sports are here!


By Carter Weeg

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Winter sports are nearing the end of their season but spring sports such as baseball, softball, track and field, tennis, and men’s volleyball are starting again. baseball tryouts start on Monday February 6th so make sure guys to be ready to hit, catch, and play ball.Unknown-1

The running, the jumping, and the racing for track and field for women’s and men’s tryouts start on Monday, February 6th. Softball also starts on Monday February 6th, so ladies be ready to lace up the cleats and play softball.

Tennis is starting tryouts on Monday, February 6th so get ready to play. Finally the last spring sports team has only had one season and they have grown in the past year by earning a varsity team. It is the men’s volleyball team. They are having tryouts on Monday February 6th so come out to Bump Set and Spike your way on the team.