Owls News · Our AF Teachers Hit the Court

Kallie Swanson
OwlFeed Journalist

Our very own Agua Fria teachers took on a competitive game against some very skilled basketball players the day before we went on Thanksgiving break. And we have the recaps you need to hear! The teachers you love took the court against the ‘Relentless’ Slam Dunk champions team as part of the ‘101.5 High School Give Back Games!’

We were able to witness the teachers who teach us in the classroom come completely out of their comfort zones. This game gave our staff the opportunity to show off their competitive side for the whole student body as they competed against the well known Slam Dunk champs.

Mr. Jovanelly left the crowd shocked after displaying his talent on the court. He coaches football and basketball while being a math teacher here on campus, and was of course well remembered after his performance. Multiple students recollected that he “shocked the crowd with his impressive moves,” Yesenia Gonzalez said. Students often recalled that Mr. Jovanelly was “definitely a teacher that left all spectators in awe, and always on their toes,” Josiah Chavez said.

Mr. Martinelli was also a teacher that had participated and ensured that the whole staff team had a blast. “I really enjoyed being able to participate in a game that was able to give back to our school. I made an effort to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves,” Mr. Martinelli said.

The basketball game was loud, and all of the students were full of energy which made this experience an overall great time. And definitely brought us together outside of our classes, and took our minds off the books and upcoming finals for a while.

For our freshman on campus, this was a new experience for them. They were able to witness the skills their teachers have outside of teaching. “It was so entertaining to see the people who teach us go so hard on the court as we are cheering them on. It is crazy to see how talented some of our teachers are! It was definitely something I won’t forget,” sophomore Josie Gibson said.

This was definitely a memorable game for the books. This was an amazing way to quick off our Thanksgiving break. We are looking forward to more upcoming teacher basketball games!

Photo Credit: Mr. Allpress