Girls Varsity Soccer · Athletes of the Month #1 – Zalma Torres & Natalie Steinman

By: Kallie Swanson
OwlFeed Journalist

We are happy to announce our very first edition of Athlete of the Month! Our ladies soccer coaches have nominated Zalma Torres and Natalie Steinman. These varsity girls are both hard-working individuals who show compassion and Owl pride on and off the field, and we are so glad that they will be our representatives for our first edition.  

Zalma Torres is a sophomore and Natalie Steinman is a junior. Both of these ladies are star soccer athletes and are proudly recognized as Agua Fria Journalism’s very first ‘Athletes of the Month.’

Women’s varsity soccer is coached by Aaron Chaira and Katelyn Fowler. Both coaches boasted about these two girls, and there was no hesitation in either mind that these girls fit the description of athletes of the month on and off the soccer field.

The ladies’ coaches were asked why they believed that these girls fit the title of ‘Athlete of the Month’ and they’re response explained it all. “They are both natural leaders and a cornerstone of the Lady Owls Soccer Team,” Coach Fowler said. “Both girls hold themselves to a high expectation and not only do they display it on the field but in the practice field, and in their education.”

These girls have pushed themselves above and beyond while juggling being full-time students. “It feels good knowing I was selected,” Zalma Torres said. “I really worked hard this season and hard work pays off! Being a student-athlete is hard, you have to balance your time very well. Sometimes I would be up like really late at night after my games to try to finish my homework.”

“I feel honored to have been picked and recognized for all my hard work that I have put in, on and off the field,” Natalie Steinman said.

 Both of these ladies clean up in an impressive way on the soccer field. “Natalie, she started all 20 games for the Lady Owls,” Fowler said. “Not only did she play every game of our regular season and tournaments but she played every single minute.. a total of 1600 minutes. While Zalma has scored a total of 34 goals for the season and has had a total of 10 assists. She is currently ranked the number 2 player in our Division.”

Zalma and Natalie have displayed what it truly means to be star athletes at Agua Fria. Both girls have already been contacted by college coaches, and their senior soccer season has not even begun.

The college coaches that have talked to me make me feel good about myself because it’s good to know someone notices my effort,” Torres said. “I’m glad I have a lot of options and I hope there will be more in the future.”

 “Only being a junior, I am amazed that I’m getting contacted by college coaches about possibly playing for them in the near future,” Steinman said.

Zalma and Natalie have set the bar so high for current and future star athletes here at Agua Fria. All of your hard work will pay off soon, ladies. Our whole student body is rooting for both of you to succeed, and we are so excited to see where you end up.  Go Owls!