Boys Varsity Basketball · OwlFeed’s Boys Varsity Basketball Player of the Year

By: Adriana Ochoa
OwlFeed Journalist

Congratulations to Senior Davion Washington for winning player of the year for the varsity boys basketball team, based on our OwlFeed poll.

The proud 18-year-old had to say this about winning: “I came out and did what I had to do for my senior year and I had fun doing it.”

While having all that fun this season Davion has learned that basketball prepares players for the real world. “As a team, we have had our ups and downs,” he said. “When you work as one whole you can accomplish more.”

Davion has been playing basketball since he was in the 7th grade. “My mom had a vision of me playing basketball so you know I had to continue that dream,” Davion said. That is so touching.  

“The most memorable times from this season were in the locker room; we would get hyped up before games and it was the best time you know,” Davion said.

Mr. Washington is mostly known in school for his dunks. He says his favorite two moves are the windmill and figure 8. Many also know him from how sweet and respectful he is around the school.

Davion Washington is a young man with a bright future. We wish the best for him after high school. Good luck out there Davion and keep up the good work!