Girls Varsity Basketball · OwlFeed’s Girls Varsity Basketball Player of the Year

By: Ayana Stephens
OwlFeed Journalist                                  

Congratulations to sophomore Brooke Rodgers for winning varsity girls basketball player of the year. Brooke came in the lead with 35% of the vote in our official OwlFeed poll. It was a close run, with Zari Walkins close behind with 33.3 % of the vote.

Brooke has been playing basketball since the age of 7 and has loved it ever since. Brooke says she wants to continue playing in college and one day be able to dunk but doesn’t see herself playing in the WNBA. Brooke actually has a vision of being a pediatrician in the future.

“All the girls on the team including myself bonded a lot this season and we had fun beating our rivals, Desert Edge twice,” Brooke said. “I am proud of the whole team.”

She added: “One lesson I can say I learned this season was that sometimes things don’t always work out how you planned them but you just have to push through it.”