Coed Varsity Sideline Cheer · Spiritline Welcomes New Coaches Leon and Daniels

By: Natalie Tafoya

OwlFeed Journalist

Photo Credit: Ms. Daniels

Welcome with big arms the new 2018-19 varsity cheer coaches: Mrs. Leon, a first-year coach, is an English teacher at Agua Fria High School, and Mrs. Daniels, our teacher mentor on campus.

Leon spends most of her time making new lesson plans and routines, but when she does have some free time, she loves attending cultural events such as First Friday. Leon cheered all through her high school career and is excited to relive that experience through us girls on the team. Luckily, she is just as amazing in the classroom as she is on the mat.

Leon said that she would “love to develop good relationships with the girls on the team” as it’d help build a better foundation.

Mrs. Daniels is also coming at us with some cheer experience and good ideas. She loves setting goals for the team and seeing things change as a coach. She would love to see her team succeed and be the best version of themselves.

“Outside of cheer and school, I love investing in family time together with my 4-year-old, Brixton, and my husband,” said Daniels. “We love hiking and travelling around.”

Change isn’t always smooth, but the Spiritline organization is happy to have these two ladies on board. They have brought only their best and are willing to keep on doing so. They have made this sport enjoyable and exciting to look forward to. We hope to show these new coaches what we are capable of and that we can really bring it to every performance.

At this point in the season, we have been working on new stunts, sideline chants, and routines to perform at half times. Luckily, the girls and coaches are all able to work with each other and bounce ideas off each other in a helpful manner. I would definitely say that these new coaches are a gain to this program.