Coed Varsity Sideline Cheer · Are Cheer and Dance Considered Sports?

By: Natalie Tafoya

OwlFeed Journalist

Many argue that cheer and dance aren’t sports, but if they aren’t, then what are they? In football, volleyball, swim, etc., the athletes condition, compete, and practice just like in cheer and dance. Yes, cheer and dance don’t have their own “game” like soccer or baseball, but cheer and dance still go to competitions to win.

Volleyball player Corissa Kellenberger argued that cheer and dance are sports for the reason that we use lots of muscle to dance and need to have a lot of stamina to finish a routine or perform for a whole game.

Picture credit: Mr. Espinoza

According to Oxford Dictionaries, a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion… in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” Cheer and dance both have physical contact and they both compete against others for entertainment.

Elijah Carson doesn’t play any sports but he would consider both cheer and dance sports because they have competitions and are practicing for something.

Alex Mascia, a student at Agua Fria, agrees that cheer and dance are sports, but argues that some people may not consider them a sport because the athletes aren’t constantly running or have a goal, touchdown, homerun, etc. While that is true, cheer and dance still do compete to win against another team just like any other sports team.

From this, it can be argued that cheer and dance are indeed sports. There is nothing about the two that isn’t sports-like. If there is a school team for them, then they should be considered a sport. If you can pursue it in college, it should be considered a sport. Cheer and dance should definitely be getting more credit for what they consist of and if you think it is fun and easy, you should try it out.