Coed Varsity Sideline Cheer · Competition Season Around The Corner

By Natalie Tafoya

OwlFeed Journalist

Picture Credit: Ms. Daniels

Competition season is right around the corner, coming up in November. Cheer and Pom have been putting all their effort into every practice to perfect every motion, every count, and every routine. As anyone can imagine, competing in front of new faces is never easy and very nerve racking but for the girls on the teams, it is a whole new rush.

To prepare for the upcoming competitions, we make sure we are helping each other out and making each other better. There are numerous awards that a team can win such as best facials, best spirit, overall performance, etc.

Ludwika Gonzalez, first year varsity cheerleader, is very thrilled for the upcoming season and is looking forward to having her hard work pay off. “Our team will have the opportunity to show others what we are capable of doing.”  She is most nervous about going out and performing for such a large audience, but with confidence and determination, the girls will be more than capable of competing. Though she is anxious, Ludwika is most excited for stronger bonds with all the girls and really working together.

Serenity Garcia, third year varsity Pommie, loves how motivated she gets to work harder and harder when competing. Though, they haven’t started working on their competitions routines, they’re excited to start that process. She feels that competition season brings the team closer because they spend majority of their time together and they are able to make good memories. They end up all working towards the same goal and aim for what they really want.  

Personally, competition season alone is overwhelming. The practises’ turn out to be two hours longer than usual, everyone is more on edge, and it turns into strictly business. Even though the process can get draining, it all pays off once we perform and are able to take home some trophies.