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Cross Country Recap

By: Kyla Heller


As the Cross Country season comes to a close it is important for us to show appreciation to our athletes and our coaches that put in the work necessary to take our team to the next level.

Picture Credit: Mr.Espinosa

On Thursday, October 25th, our Cross Country team hosted the District Meet. Both our boys and girls team did very well and gave the competition their best. In a report about the meet, coach Haubs said, “Both our boys and girls teams took 2nd in the district!…I am really proud to say that we fended off the other schools to set us up for a decent chance to still qualify in tandem with Millennium for states next week at sectionals.” Congratulations to both teams for the amazing results and all the hard work put in to accomplish this goal.

Junior Samuel Maldonado said that his biggest take away from being on the team was to “Follow instructions and don’t forget to stretch after a workout and a run.” Samuel does plan to run on the team next year. He also feels that he has has a successful season because he was able PR in most of his meets.He said that, “Running on the team improved my performance out of class by getting me in shape. It helped me in class by making more focus and helped try to improve my grades.”

Senior Alexander McAnerney said that his most inspirational piece of advice that he received from his coaches was that, “just because it hurts doesn’t mean you should quit, remember pain is temporary and you shouldn´t be afraid of it.” His favorite location to run in was PineTop, a typical favorite for most of the athletes because, “that run was the best for us because of the cool weather and nice pine smell. As well as most of the team PR’d.” He feels that he has had a successful senior year.

On November 1st our team will go to Cesar Chavez Park to compete to qualify for state. Good luck to our Cross Country team on their endeavors.