Owls News · Meet Mr.Alvidrez

By:Hayley Baker

Sports Managing Editor


Got hurt at practice? Need your ankle taped up? Hurt your wrist and don’t know what’s wrong? Mr.Alvidrez or “Fernie” is who you should see.

Photo Credit: Hayley Baker

Mr.Alvidrez is an anatomy teacher hear at Agua Fria, but he is also is our schools athletic trainer. Being an athletic trainer while teaching can be difficult at times, “Between trying to juggle all the teaching responsibilities and athletic trainer ones, it can become quite a task, but I have been doing it now for 25 years.  I lean on my teaching colleagues for help and rely heavily on my student training staff as well,” Mr.Alvidrez said.

Mr.Alvidrez started off as a combat medic in the Army, having the medical experience he wanted to find something similar to that when he returned back to civilian life. “ I came across Athletic Training, a career that involved the two things I enjoy the most, helping hurt/injured people and sports” He said. With that being said, he also said that there is a lot that he wishes he could do but can’t due to the limitations being an athletic trainer has.

Being an athletic trainer surprisingly requires a lot of qualifications. In order to be an athletic trainer you must get a bachelors and masters degree in athletic training and then pass a 3 part certification exam. Mr. Alvidrez completed all of these requirements in just a short 4 years, while also getting a degree in secondary education at the same time.

One of Mr.Alvidrez favorite part of his job is being able to take in his student staff when they are freshmen and watch them grow throughout their 4 years. “ They have always been a big part of my professional life.  It is an honor and a privilege to work with such great kids and hopefully impact their lives as much as they impact mine”

With his job being so stressful and time consuming, Mr.A likes to take time to relax when he isn’t at school he enjoys living a normal life “I like spending as much time doing things with my family.  We enjoy going to the movies and going out to eat on the weekends. We try to go to the movies at least once a week! I also like watching WWE and shooting rifles and guns with my son. Of course, being an Athletic Trainer, I try to watch as many sporting events as I can on TV or live whenever possible,” he said.

Mr.Alvidrez is one of the hardest working teachers on campus and I can speak for most when I say that we are incredibly thankful for all he does for athletics and academics at our school. Next time you get hurt, make it a point to see Mr.A.