Girls Varsity Soccer · Lady Owls Soccer Gets Victory Over Buckeye in Scrimmage

By: Kaylie Langtry

OwlFeed Journalist


The Lady Owls kicked off their season with a scrimmage against Buckeye High School. With a competitive game, the Owls started off their season strong with a 6-0 victory.

Photo credit: Coach Fowler

The Lady Owls have played Buckeye High School for many years, and although they are good competition and make a great team to play against, the Owls have not let the Hawks taste victory. With a thorough warm-up and preparation, the Lady Owls were ready to hit the field and take on the Buckeye Hawks.

In the first half, the Lady Owls put pressure on the Hawks defense by scoring 4 goals in the first half, 2 of them were scored in the first ten minutes. Head varsity coach, Aaron Chaira said “the Lady Owls are really good at putting pressure right when the starting whistle is blown, there is no holding back”. Once the two whistles were blown, the Lady Owls had a 4-0 lead over the Hawks.

Going into halftime the Owls were hyped and wanted to keep this scoring streak up. However, Coach Aaron wanted the lady’s to work on moving the ball around and possession, since it was a scrimmage, it was still like a practice. The Lady Owls held down their fort and moved the ball around quickly and smoothly.

Even though the Owls were blowing the Hawks out of the sky, the Owls got a little too comfortable. With the crowd cheering and the intensity of the Hawks pressure going down, the Owls started to lose focus of the goal which was to “put away this game and focus on becoming better,” assistant coach, Kaytlin Fowler said. Although the Owls kept the Hawks from scoring, they needed to keep playing at their high intensity.

One reason why the intensity dropped is because “when our bench went in, the intensity was not the same, we need to work on working together and make sure we are still playing fast and smart soccer,” coach Chaira said. At practice, the subs and the team in general just need to build up their chemistry and confidence, if that happens, the Lady Owls can dominate everything.

After a strong pep talk from Coach Chaira, the Owls put two more goals in the second half. Noticing the Hawks were defeated, Coach Aaron wanted the Owls to hold the ball more and just have fun. That is exactly what the Owls did, after a fun last twenty minutes of the game, the Owls flew home with a 6-0 win to start the season.

The Lady Owls are now preparing for their first game and would love you to come out and support your Lady Owls as they take on the Fairfax Stampede. Watch the Owls in their first non-conference away game on 12/4, JV starts at 4 and varsity starts at 6.