Girls Varsity Soccer · 9th Graders Seek to Make Big Impact on W Soccer Team

By: Kaylie Langtry

OwlFeed Journalist


With many new faces this year on the women’s varsity soccer team, five stick out the most. Say hello to Jerzi Alvarado, Anyssa Valencia, Madison Jirka, Nicole Fernandez, and Michelle Cadena. These are the new freshmen on varsity.

Photo credit: Kaylie Langtry

Being a newbie on varsity can be frightening, let alone being a freshman. When tryouts rolled around, Michelle Cadena said, “It was very nerve racking, but you have to get used to it,” and she was right, carrying nerves around does not get you a spot on varsity.

As practices started up with the new team, Jerzi Alvarado said, “I get nervous during practices because every single moment you have to be worried if you’re gonna get playing time or not.” That is a major concern with a lot of newbies, but these Freshman have been working hard at practice, so playing time will come.

Since club is still going on for most girls on the team, it is challenging to balance two practices a day and school. Also, if you are like Madison then  you’re club coach is gonna go and watch your games. That definitely brings nerves as you want to make your coaches proud in club and in school soccer.

One of the best and worst things about playing for your school is the people who come and watch you. Michelle Cadena said “my parents are gonna come watch me play, can they just not come,” followed by a laugh. But this is a true worry, these girls have a lot of passion for the game and want to play the best they can. If you are gonna go watch, please be supportive.

The most rewarding part about playing a sport in school is the bonding experience you get. Everyone on the team has been so open to these new girls, and it has been the closest it’s ever been. The freshman have a new family, and when they get worried, they have so many girls to talk to.

Though the nerves are at its peak, these girls all said they are very excited for this season and hope to see all their friends and classmates at their games.

The first scrimmage is away against Buckeye at 4 pm, on 11/20. If you can’t make that game, you can catch these girls again in action for their first home game on December 4, at 6 p.m. against Fairfax.