Coed Varsity Pom Pon · Pom Team Ready to Shine in Competition Season

By: Sarah Niezgodzki

OwlFeed Journalist


The football season has come to an end, that means it’s only the beginning for our Pom competition team on their journey to go to state. They had their first competition in late November at Estrella Foothills High School, where they did their best and gave a great performance.

In case you’re out of the loop and are unaware of what our Agua Fria pom team is, it’s a hip-hop dance group, not to be confused with our equally great cheer team. You’ve probably seen them perform at football games and pep rallies. They usually mash songs together perfectly and come up with flawless choreography to give a perfect show for all of us. It’s not as easy as it sounds, as now their competition season has started and they have to work for two hours a day to put together the perfect routine to impress the judges.


Pic Credit: Simone Petree

The team has made a change from performing at halftime to performing in front of judges and hundreds of people. Led by Coaches Audra Matthew and Jonet Mitchell, the team consists of Emily Ramirez (Senior), Ana Johnson (Senior), Simone Petree (Junior), Makenzi Patterson (Sophomore), Alexis Tarpley (Freshman), and Mikayla Brito (Freshman). This is different from football season when they usually have a few more girls on the team.

I talked to pom captain Emily Ramirez about the season. “As a captain, I do feel pressure to have my team do their very best because at anytime of the day everyone is watching how we act as a team and how we perform,” she said. “We love to have a good reputation because we want to be seen as a team that respects others and strive to do our very best at all times.”

She also added that some of their goals for their season are to “dance our very best, have fun anywhere that we perform, and create a great bond with each other.” Junior Simone Petree has been part of the competition team since her freshman year and shared some of the same feelings. She said that their practices have gone well so far and how they have goals to “move higher up in our placings and make our coaches proud that we are improving.”

Simone is also looking forward to getting closer to her teammates and just improving their overall technique as they go along.