Coed Varsity Sideline Cheer · What Are We Placing?

By: Natalie Tafoya

OwlFeed Journalist

Picture Credit: Mr. Espinoza

The varsity cheer team kicked off the competition season with second place in their division and an easy bid to nationals.

From the Nationals Qualifiers competition, we were told to mostly work on sharpness and facials which are very easy fixes. We were happy to place second because that is the highest we have placed at that particular competition.

I personally was surprised to hear how good we have done just because we were all very nervous and it was the first competition with a new coach and new girls on the team. Luckily, we all cheered each other and pushed each other to be the better version of ourselves as a team.

Once we get on the bus to head to competition, everyone’s mindset changes and we are all in cheer mode. We do not let anything distract us and we try our hardest to relax and rest as long as we can.

On December 1, the State Qualifiers took place. State is always harder to qualify for just because there is more teams in our division and more teams that come to the competition. I think that if we make our stunts a little harder and cleaner, have engaging facials and really hit the crowd, we can do really good at the competition. After performing, we were granted a bid to state which is also taking place soon.

I think this season is going to have a very successful competition season just because we all are cheering each other on and the whole team is very close and we are all shooting for the same thing.