Girls Varsity Soccer · Lady Owls Make History With Award-Winning Soccer Season

By: Kaylie Langtry
OwlFeed Sports Editor

It is that time for the Lady Owls Soccer 2018-2019 season to come to a close. The Lady Owls had a very successful season, with their overall record 7-6-1 and their section record 1-4. This was the most hardworking and talented group of girls the coaches have seen in a while.

Photo credit: Katelyn Fowler

The Lady Owls played easy teams as well as very talented teams, though some games were not the desired outcome, the team worked hard every minute of every game. The freshmen on the team exceeded every coach’s standards and even though it was their first year, they did not let their nerves hinder the way they played.

Head Coach Aaron Chaira said that his favorite game of the season was against Maricopa. “The Lady Owls refused to lose that night against the runner up of the 2017 state championship team [and] after 80 minutes of regular play and two overtimes, the game ended in a tie,” Chaira said.

The Lady Owls will be saying goodbye to five seniors: Kaylie Langtry, Esperanza Cadena, Natalie Steinman, Selena Garza and Cynthia Ibanda. All five gave up their bodies and many hours to the team. They said with confidence that this was their most successful season out of the past four years.

Everyone will miss the seniors, but the one who will miss them the most is head coach Aaron Chaira.“We have shared 4 years together… there is a special bond we share and I will have that for the rest of my life,” he said. Not only will Chaira miss their skills, but he will also miss their “leadership and toughness,”

The Lady Owls ended their season with “tears and laughs… and pizza,” Coach Katelyn Fowler said. “We hit up the Peter Piper Pizza in Tucson and had an incredible team bonding experience for the end of our season,”

The Lady Owls had many accomplishments this season. An example of one would be that player, Zalma Torres, was named one of the top 12 athletes in the nation, which is a huge honor and shows how the Lady Owls soccer program is filled with talent and hard work.

Another accomplishment was that the Owls made it to the second round of playoffs, which was their main goal from the beginning of the season.

Another major accomplishment was for the first time ever the Lady Owls have had five major regional awards for this season. When you see them around, don’t forget to say congratulations to Kaylie Langtry, Natalie Steinman, Esperanza Cadenas, and Selena Garza for making 5A Desert West Girls Soccer 1st team and Madison Jirka for making 5A Desert West Girls Soccer 2nd team.

Not only is this the first time Agua Fria has had 5 major awards, this is the most awards from one school out of all the other schools in the 5A Desert West region. This has been a major season for these Lady Owls, congratulations to them!