Girls Varsity Beach Volleyball · Beach Volleyball Stays Committed to Improving

By: Jennifer Perez
OwlFeed Journalist

Our Women’s Beach Volleyball team has been doing well in both their practices and games this season.

Photo credit: Jennifer Perez

Tia Livingstone, a freshmen in the team states that their season has been “a little crazy at times, but I think as the season goes on that we’ll all get used to it, so it’s going pretty good so far being that none of us have really been this serious about it.”

Coach Brumbaugh also had a few words to add. “We’re taking a lot of steps on the way, he said. “I know it doesn’t come over on the wins right now, but it will. We’re getting better as a team, and we’re having a lot of fun.”

They have won once and that was against Desert Edge with the score being 3-2. This game was intense, but they managed to stay strong and dominate the whole game until the end.

Livingstone, stated that “the game against Desert Edge” was the best game they’ve had so far this season.

Even though they fell off on their most recent game on March 29 against Corona del Sol, with the score being 0-5, they sure did put up a big challenge for the other team. “We’re growing every day, and we’re getting better every day, so we’re still learning a lot of fundamentals,” said Coach Brumbaugh when asked for his thoughts on the game.

Emily Bey, a junior volleyball player who did an amazing job at the game, stated, “We faced a really good team that was already committed to places, but we did really good keeping up with them, and we did good in our part.”

Beach Volleyball may seem very fun, but it can also be challenging. “The hardest part was probably defense,” said Emily Bey. Considering that the team was very good, Bey’s opinion on the score was, “It was more than I expected just because they’re a really good team, but I think we could’ve done better.”

Hannah Ortega, one of the freshmen on the team, who also did an excellent job, said, “I wasn’t really satisfied with the score, but we definitely have a lot of work to do.”

Although they’ve lost a few games, the girls are fearless and are expecting more wins to come as the season isn’t over yet. The team keeps staying positive and are prepared to show their capability for more games to come.

Good luck to our Beach Volleyball team and their season!