Coed Varsity Track · Track Athletes Prepare for State Finals After Standout Season

By: Jennifer Perez
OwlFeed Journalist

The Track and Field team wraps up a successful season, with some athletes competing to the state competition!

Photo credit: Kim Roberts

The team was ready and prepared for this season. Coach Espinoza describes this season as a successful one, “we were able to increase the number of individual athletes and relay teams who qualified for state,” he said.

Riley Roberts, a junior on the team, headed to the first day of state competitions on May 1 and was in the 4 by 100m relay, as well as the 100m, and 200m individual event. “I’m happy that we made it this far honestly, because we’ve been working hard, and we’ve had more training, especially with pre-season,” she said.

Roberts not only qualified for state, but she also made it to the finals in both her 100m and 200m. The finals are Saturday, May 4, at Mesa Community College at 1:45 p.m.

Freshman Jaida Steward will also advance to the finals in the 400m.

Steward and Roberts are joined by sophomore Neveah Cole and junior Tyya Skaggs in the 4x100m relay team. This team is currently sitting at second place in the state, falling just .04 seconds behind first place! This is a new school record. They will compete in the state finals on Saturday.

Natalie Steinman, a senior who is one of the few people who are heading to the state competition with a jump of 32 feet and 8 inches, was very excited, but also “scared because I know I’m going to be pushed to my fullest potential and limits.”

From the season this year Steinman learned that, “my second phase isn’t as good as it needs to be, so I’m going to really focus on driving through it and making sure I complete the whole phase.”

Steinman did the triple jump in the state competition on May 1 and took third place but missed out on the finals.

The Boys 4×800, consisting of Demetri Davis (frosh), Allan Can (frosh), Oscar Gonzales (frosh) and Tayshawn Steward (sr), finished 10th overall in state competition.

Coach Espinoza, is very proud of these young athletes, wishing them the best and giving them advice, “Trust in yourself, lean on your team for support and you’ll go great,” he quotes.

Throughout the season the team faced many challenges along the way, including competitive schools such as, Desert Edge and Millennium. “I would say Desert Edge was pretty good honestly. It’s kind of hard to beat them.” said Daisy Venegas, a sophomore on team.

Steinman also said, “Millennium terrifies me, they have one girl that jumps 37 inches, and I remember when we were at Canyon View for the district meet, her first jump was a 36 feet 5 inches, and she came back, saying she was disappointed.”

In the season, there was also many memorable events that happened. For Venegas, it was simply going to the meets because “everyone was super competitive,” she said.

For Steinman it would have “to be when we were at Copper Canyon this year, and someone’s tent went flying in the air, and literally the whole track would stop just to watch it. It was so funny!” she said.

After everything that has happened in this season, from a flying tent to competing against other strong teams, our track team definitely learned from them. “I would say that I’m just going against myself really, and trying to be better than my last scores,” said Venegas.

Track and Field had an amazing experience this season and if your interested or thinking about joining next year, I highly recommend that you should. “If you’re thinking about it, you might as well do it, because I regret not joining it sooner” said Steinman, “I feel like if I would’ve joined it sooner, I’d be such a better jumper than I am now.”