Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Dysart Dual Meet and Fountain Hills Invitational

By: Devin McKenzie
OwlFeed Sports Journalist

Sometimes a team will win, and sometimes a team will lose. The Owls Cross Country team had a solid performance against Dysart, Apollo, and Centennial High School for a dual meet on Tuesday, September 10th, but they were outperformed by the Dysart Cross Country team. 

On a positive note, however, the Boys’ Cross Country Team had a great performance against the opposing teams. Senior Keith Hawke broke his personal record by over 30 seconds, while freshman Xavier Martinez along with fellow freshman Andres Pena-Valadez are showing improvement throughout the season and broke their personal bests by over three minutes!

Photo Credits: Owls Cross Country Team

For the Girls’ Cross Country Team, on the other hand, they held their own ground against both schools. Juniors Stephanie Rosales and Tiffany Peralta both had breakout performances at the meet. Stephanie broke her personal record from the previous season by almost a minute. While Tiffany performed her first-ever 5k run and performed very well against the other teams. 

The next invite the team had was the Fountain Hills Invite. Not only was it a tough meet, but it is one of their favorite invites. One athlete had this positive thing to say about returning back to Fountain Hills for the meet.  “Faster competition, honestly it’s the size of the meet, and it is a hard course with all the rolling hills that will make it difficult,” sophomore Oscar Gonzales said.

Not only that the team is ready to dominate the meet, but the team is also hyped and had an ambitious feeling that the Owls Cross Country will gain some ground at the Fountain Hills Invitational meet, where the team will be competing against 74 schools from across the valley. One athlete gave a reason on the hype. “I’m hyped for the cool air and competitive atmosphere,” sophomore Demetri Davis said. Everyone needs to be hyped when it comes to a big meet like this, especially with all the competition and challenges the athletes will encounter during the race.

The team then went on to compete at the Fountain Hills Invitational Meet on September 14th, and the girl athletes showed major domination at the meet, even with the difficulty of the meet. Juniors Aspen Charles and Neesa Chase had breakout performances, with both athletes breaking their personal records! 

Not only the girls had shown an amazing performance, but the boys are on fire as well. Sophomore Sergio Marino Rayo broke his personal record by five minutes, while Junior Javier Rodillas maintained his personal record! Junior Tannell Brown has quickly emerged as one of the team’s top runners at the peak of this season.

If you see any of these athletes on campus, or even in your classes, I’d suggest giving them a shout out after an amazing two meets!