Boys Varsity Golf, Girls Varsity Golf · Boys and Girls Golf Season Coming to an End

By: Alex Vasquez
OwlFeed Sports Editor

As the Boys and Girls golf season is coming to a close, they continue to push through at 100%. They continue to face against the toughest of opponents such as Estrella Foothills and Goldwater and as of September 30, the boys are 19-4 strong while the girls also triumph at a solid 7-2. 

Both teams have faced adversity head-on and risen to the competition. The season has been an adventure on both sides of the course, with outstanding senior players such as David Segal and Anahi Reyes, who have been forging their way into golf. 

Photo Credit: @afhs_golf

With them, are other Owls who also have put their foot in the ground to leave their mark. Specifically, the lady’s golf team, returners Abriana Tillmon and Lali Nunez-Rivera who, “have been strong scorers throughout the season,” said their coach Mark James. “Jacquelyn Mejia Barajas has made major improvements despite never touching a golf club.” 

Beyond just being an athlete, golf has a mental side to it. On a platform of being strong mentally and taking the game to another level and Sanai Metoyer does just that. “She is always positive and optimistic, which is critical in the game of golf,” said Coach James.

As for the Boys’ golf team, they have been performing at their peak all season, breaking their limits and going beyond what is expected of them. 

“It’s not competing against teams but competing against the course,” said Coach Martinelli, head coach of the Boys’ golf team. In golf, the course is always changing but you can count on Coach Martinelli to keep his players under control. 

This season, the team has made a lot of improvements. “We’ve focused on course management while still having fun,” said senior Connor Spire. 

So far the boys’ team has dominated the course going 19-4 so far. Unfortunately, even with the amazing record, the record doesn’t matter in golf – it’s about being best in the state, which means only the top 18% goes to the playoffs.  

You may not see the team in the playoffs this season but with plans to hit the weight room this offseason you can expect great things next season as the team “always strives to be great,” said Coach Martinelli. 

This weekend the boys will travel all the way to Lake Havasu to compete in a non-conference tournament that they have been preparing for all season. 

These teams absolutely dominated this season and we can’t wait to see them in action in the 20-21 season next year. Go Owls!