Boys Junior Varsity Football · JV Football Continues Its Winning Ways

By: Devin McKenzie
OwlFeed Sports Journalist

Sometimes, upsets can happen around the sports world. Before the team played against Willow Canyon, the Agua Fria Junior Varsity Football team suffered a heart-breaking tough home loss after being defeated by the Verrado Junior Varsity Football Team on October 3rd, 2019. The final score of the game on Thursday night was 38-40, ending their undefeated streak and with the team falling to a 4-1 record. 

Despite the loss however, the Owl’s offense played extremely well against Verrado, with many touchdowns and some improvements were accomplished during the game. Even though the Owl’s defense has also shown a solid performance on Thursday night, they are planning to move forward from their small mistakes made on the field.

Shortly after the loss to Verrado, the team was looking to move past from the tough loss and were getting prepared to face the Willow Canyon Junior Varsity Football team during fall break. Before a sports team has an upcoming matchup soon, whether it is football, hockey, or even basketball. As always, there will always need to be some difficulties fixed before moving forward. “Our tackling and wrapping up is one of our challenges, and it will definitely improve,” sophomore said Alan Can, who plays as the starting cornerback for the team. 

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

Despite the team willing to make improvements on the field, the team is also proud with their performance throughout being on the field. “I’m just excited to win against Millennium that’s all, I know we can pull off the dub only if we can play strong and aggressive against them, and stay focused against them,” said sophomore Omarion Howard, who plays tight end and defensive tackle for the team.

The Agua Fria Junior Varsity Football team recently redeemed itself from the previous loss against Verrado after winning on the road against the Willow Canyon Junior Varsity Football team, improving to an impressive 5-1 record. The team has shown major improvements after the win, including the Owl’s defense shutting down Willow Canyon’s pass game throughout the night, with a final score of 43-28.

Next up, the Owl’s Junior Varsity Football team had their final away game against Millennium, and the showing by the Owl’s was phenomenal. The Owls defeated the Millennium Tigers after a score of 42-6, and improving to a 6-1 record. The defense only held the opposing team to only a total of 6 points, and the Owl’s offense dominated throughout the whole game. 

The team will have another home game against the McClintock Chargers on October 24th 2019. We are wishing the team the best of luck as they will attempt to improve to a 7-1 record. Lets go Owls!