Girls Varsity Soccer · W Soccer Defeats Buckeye 4-0 in Scrimmage

By: Alex Vasquez
OwlFeed Sports Editor

On Nov. 26, the Lady Owls soccer team competed against Buckeye High School for a friendly scrimmage here at Agua Fria High School. They dominated Buckeye 4-0. 

Though the Lady Owls started off slow and were off their game at times, they still managed to play their game and connect here and there.

The team looked at it as a learning experience as it was their first time playing against another team this season. “We did well trying to understand and read each other,” said right-wing senior, Karen Quintana. “We didn’t play selfish and we connected passes.” 

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

As the game progressed, the Lady Owls lacked communication, but continued to steadily pick up on it and improve their game.

As the first half ended they were up 3-0. Senior Zalma Torres had led the team to a huge lead. They took that time to catch their breath and focus. As everyone was giving their input to fix the mistakes they made in the first half, they glowed as a team.

Then entering the second half they came out, pacing themselves and taking control of the game. As the ladies played, they continued to get more comfortable with each other and make the plays that they weren’t making in the first half. 

Keeping the pressure on and resuming to control the game in their favor. Zalma scored once more, making the game 4-0. Agua Fria, with their huge lead over Buckeye High School, sealed the win for the Lady Owls, ending the game at 4-0.

“I feel like we did great,” Torres said. “There’s still work to do as a team, but I feel like we gained confidence and we’re excited about the season starting.” 

The team never takes a day off as they have been playing through the rain and cold weather, preparing for the regular season. Where games matter for playoffs and eventually state. 

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

Down the road, the team will face competition from around the valley, ranging from Barry Goldwater High School, North Canyon High School, Millennium High School and even Apollo High School. 

The team is most excited for their game against Millennium High School. “The one difficult game that we’re most excited for is the one against Millennium in February,” said Quintana. 

They’re also excited for their game against Maricopa. “I feel like Maricopa is going to be a good game this year,” added Torres. 

Look out for these ladies this season as they are brewing up something great. Their start for the season is on December 10, 4-6pm against Betty Fairfax. Be sure to go support your Lady Owls!