Coed Varsity Sideline Cheer · AFHS Cheer Qualifies for Nationals

By: Jimena Chavez
OwlFeed Journalist 

The Agua Fria cheer team has been working very hard all year, and they are now on there way to Nationals for the 2019-2020 season. Nationals will be held in Anaheim, California and will happen in mid-February.  It is time to give them some recognition for all their efforts and dedication.

The cheer team this year has been very successful with their team dynamics and their versatility. Senior Veronica Alvarez shares her experience as a member on the varsity team. 

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

“Each member has shown a high level of commitment. There are 16 different personalities and if we do have conflicts we resolve them in healthy ways,” Alvarez said. “We have a strong level of trust with one another.”


Veronica shares how it is often a struggle to stay motivated since cheer is a year-long sport, however they keep their focus by pursuing their goals. “Cheering for football, basketball, school events, going to competitions, plus 4-5 days of practice can all be very exhausting,” she said. “However, we try to keep our eyes on the prize and push ourselves.”

The Agua Fria Cheer team has had many memorable moments this season. One that stands out was their most recent competition which due to their excellent performance got them qualified for nationals. “After hitting our routine and receiving a raw score of 91, we qualified for nationals,” Alvarez said .

This year the cheer team is led by seniors Amiah Gabaldon and Taylor Ross, who have both been on the cheer team since their freshman year. 

Besides being team captain, Amiah is a committed dancer outside of school. She said that this has influenced her experience as captain because she has been able to learn how to discipline herself and others.

“Having fun is key but when people aren’t disciplined, injuries happen,” Amiah said. “I’ve learned to not take corrections to heart as they’re meant to strengthen the team as a whole.”

Being captain comes along with many responsibilities. An important skill is being able to recognize hard work in other members. Amiah said “Daisy Venegas…a junior this year, has been a part of the team since her freshman year and she has been such a huge motivator for everyone, she’s a beast back spot and is up for any challenge.” 

The whole team is ecstatic for Nationals. “We, unfortunately, couldn’t attend last year, but we are so pumped to represent Agua Fria this season and show off all our hard work and dedication,” Amiah said. “Qualifying for Nationals has been a huge accomplishment for the team so far.”

Agua Fria’s Varsity Cheer team is truly a strong team with remarkable girls. We wish them best of luck on the road to Nationals.