Girls Varsity Basketball · W Basketball Sticks Together Through Thick and Thin

By: Samantha Lopez
OwlFeed Journalist

With a record of 11-13, the AFHS women’s basketball team has had their ups and downs through this season so far. With conditioning and tons of running, these girls have brought their head coach, Sam Polvino, to his 200th win. 

The team is made up of six seniors, a junior and two sophomores who have worked hard for their successes and worked harder to get back up after they’ve been knocked down.The team is lead by three strong seniors: Neysa Mungia, Tyya Skaggs and Ashely Castanon. This trio is also the starting lineup with Jaida Stweard and Alyssa Hinton.

Throughout the season, the team has persevered through rough conditioning and major running. Even though they dreaded long condition-filled practices and workouts, they managed to lift each other up through rough times. Their behind-the-scenes workouts paid off on the court. 

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

From the beginning of the season, these girls all had the same mindset and had their eye on the prize. The dedicated group of girls are a drama free team. Senior Alyssa Hinton said, “We just need to have more faith in ourselves.” 

With their seniors stepping up, they have taught the team good communication on and off the court. The team had formed a bond with one another that leads to trust between each other that’s needed during difficult games. Senior, Tyya Skaggs, also said she’s proud of “how much we’ve grown together just from summer ball last summer.”

Although they do have their rough games such as Millennium, they managed to never give up even though they knew it would be a hard game. Xandria Montero, the only junior on the team, mentions that Millennium “moved really fast.” Alyssa Hinton, who’s played on varsity for three years, said, “We knew it would be a hard game but we managed to never give up.”

Tyya, a team captain, also mentioned their game against Verrado. She said, “Even though we fell short and lost by three, we never gave up at any point in that game.” 

The ladies were most proud of their game against Independence. Alyssa Hinton acknowledged that they started strong for the first half of the game and continued to keep the energy up. She’s proud of her team for communicating well in action and at practice. The team was able to rely on each other to play their position as strong as they could.  

In moments of success the women’s team knows they can still work harder to be even greater than they already are. Tyya Skaggs is proud to say, “We have really changed the name for Agua Fria women’s basketball.”

The season is not over just yet though. With six ambitious seniors on the team, they’re last home game is arriving rapidly. Watch these seniors in action on February 10 against Betty Fairfax.

Make sure to show support and cheer on all these young ladies. Let’s go Lady Owls!