Girls Varsity Basketball · Lady Owls Fall to Sunrise Mtn. in 5th Straight Playoff Berth

By: Samantha Lopez
OwlFeed Journalist

From thinking it’s their last home game to making playoffs for the fifth year in a row, the Lady Owls Basketball Team saw its hardworking season come to an end. 

With a nerve-racking game where every play counted, the Lady Owls had a victorious, close win in the play-in game with a score of 46-38 against Ironwood. Bringing all their hard work onto the court, Lady Owls advanced to the first round of the state playoffs against Sunrise Mountain.

As the women’s basketball team played a hard game away, they had also played their last game of the season. The ending score for the first round of playoffs was 53 for Sunrise Mountain and 30 for our Lady Owls.

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

These young ladies put their all into this game. “We could’ve done better but I’m happy that we left our hearts on the court,”  senior Tyya Skaggs said.

Before making playoffs, the six seniors, Ashely Castanon, Nyesa Mungia, Alyssa Hinton, Tyya Skaggs, Kaylee Dietzman and Emerald Bennet powered through what was thought to be their last home game. With a win from our Lady Owls, they left the court with a score of 44-19.

These six seniors were taken off the court for their last home game of their high school career. For most seniors, this also meant their last game of their whole basketball career.

As Alyssa Hinton got taken off the court she said she felt “sad because I thought it would be the last time on our home court but happy because everyone was still cheering.”

 For Nyesa Mungia, this only meant her last home game at Agua Fria as she takes on college basketball on a full-ride scholarship to Sacramento. 

Not only was this an impactful moment for seniors but also for next year’s players who are left. “It’s sad to see the seniors go because they brought energy to the team,” said junior Xandria Montero. 

Some last words to next year’s Lady Owls Basketball Team from seniors Tyya Skaggs and Alyssa Hinton were: “Keep the same attitude you had when we were there,” as well as “Keep your priorities straight.”

Good luck to these six Lady Owls as they take on a new path and good luck to the upcoming Lady Owls Basketball Team.