Girls Varsity Softball · AFHS Softball Team Sets Up Winning Path

By: Jason Chavez
OwlFeed Journalist

It is time for the Lady Owls to finally start off their new softball season of 2020. 

The season has already begun and it is time that they get back on the field and try to take home a new Championship trophy. “I am ready for my last softball season,” senior Alicia Leal said. 

When talking to Senior Alicia Leal, I asked her how she was feeling about the upcoming season. She said, “I feel very excited for the upcoming season because it is going to be my last chance to play softball for Agua Fria.”

Leal also said, “I have been playing softball for Agua Fria since freshman year and I am proud of myself because I am going to finish off my softball career strong as a senior.”

The Lady Owls have currently already had their first softball game of the season. The Agua Fria High School varsity softball team won their first game of the season in a tournament on Feb. 26 at home against La Joya Community High School with a score of 11-0. 

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

Neither of the softball teams scored during the first inning but during the second inning, the Lady Owls made a change to that and scored 8 runs. 

La Joya did not score during the first inning but after not letting La Joya score, the Lady Owls went back on the field and scored another 3 runs. The Lady Owls did not let La Joya score at all during the whole game keeping them at a score of 0 causing them to be blown out. 

The Lady Owls followed up this win with another against Central in a 23-19 high-scoring affair.

The Lady Owls were ready to come out and show us fans what they have been up to during the time that they were training. We can’t wait to see what happens the rest of this season!