Owls News · How Spring Athletes Feel About Social Distancing

By: Samantha Lopez
OwlFeed Journalist 

For some this was their only sport of the year. For others it was their last sport of their high school years. As COVID-19 puts a pause on school that means there is a pause on all spring sports as well.

Some student athletes had trained during their off season for their spring sport. Since social distancing is essential in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some athletes have been compromising and have been doing workouts from home. 

“I do a workout everyday, from running to core to legs and arms,” said junior Michael McGehee, one of the men’s volleyball captains.

Photo Credit: Samantha Lopez

As these student athletes practice social distancing, they’re not only thinking about themselves, but others as well.

“I feel like it’s the right move but unfair for the seniors with everything happening at the moment,” McGehee added.

Seniors are missing out on their senior nights as well as their last games, tournaments and meets.

 Not only are athletes focusing on their last games but also their start to college sports.

“I was looking forward to hitting faster times this season so I could be ready for college track,” said track team captain Riley Roberts, adding, “I’m disappointed that all the big competition meets got postponed or cancelled especially because I’ve been training since August.”

As a junior McGehee was also looking forward to “getting some looks for colleges and playing some of the best high schools in the state.”

Most of these athletes have grown throughout the years as a team and do find it difficult to practice and train without them. 

“It will help us in the long run,” Roberts said. “We won’t always have other people there to push us so we need to learn how to do it on our own.”

As season memories are put on hold, we must think of what’s most important during this time. We need to stay healthy and practice proper social distancing even from our teammates and friends.