Owls News · AFHS Sports Seasons Put on Hold

By: Alex Vasquez
OwlFeed Sports Journalist

The 2020 Spring season was not long underway after tragedy had struck, postponing the seasons of many seniors and young athletes here at Agua Fria High School. The fast spread and outbreak of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, had stopped spring sports in their tracks. 

All spring sports had been put on hold indefinitely. This includes track, softball, baseball, tennis, men’s volleyball and women’s beach volleyball.

The break has taken its toll on some athletes, as senior softball player Mariah Cruz said, “It feels like I’m just repeating myself over and over, as I wake up everyday like there’s no new change.”

Due to the outbreak of the virus, many senior nights and memories cease to exist, moments that they can’t get back. “We haven’t been able to practice with the team and a lot of our big meets are getting canceled so there’s a slim chance of us going to state or even going back to school,” said senior varsity track athlete Riley Roberts. “I do feel more affected since it is our last year,” she said, as it is her last season as an Owl. 

As for any word on what will happen next for the sports that missed their seasons is still unclear at the moment. Agua Fria High School would rather play it safe and prevent the spread of the virus. 

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

For most athletes, they view the virus as a new challenge and leading them to do what they can at home. They have been safely working out and even reached out to their teammates on social media challenging them to push up contest. They called it #see10do10. 

“Instead of sitting around all day I’ve been doing productive things like stretching, staying in shape by exercising, and watching over track videos to critique myself,”  Roberts said. Other athletes like senior baseball player Antwain Clark Jr. pushes to get out of his house. “I’ve been working out every day just to stay out of the house,” Clark said.

Every athlete remains optimistic that soon we will all return to school safely so that they can continue their seasons. Stay safe Owls and don’t give up!