Owls News · Boys Cross Country Team Wins District, Finishes 11th in State

By: Sam Lopez

OwlFeed Sports Editor

The Agua Fria Boys Cross Country team placed 11th overall in the state and were crowned champions of the district!

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

The team is made up of seniors Jacob Crawford and Tanell Brown and juniors Oscar Gonzales, Demetri Davis, Ernesto Oquita, and Cesar Garcia. The boys scored 248 points at the state meet, beating Millennium.

Although this season has been jam-packed with obstacles thrown in their faces, the team didn’t let it stop them from running. The runners put their time into morning practices and scalding hot afternoons.

For a course with plenty of uphills, the team wasn’t discouraged as they didn’t stray too far away from some of their personal record times. Oscar Gonzales even took 7th place overall which gave him 1st Team All-State Honors. This means if there were a team made up of the best runners in the state, Gonzales would be on it.

“We all worked extremely hard for this meet. When everyone on the team wants the same thing the goal is achievable,” said junior Ernesto Oquita.

The Owls made sure to show other teams what they’re up against when they were competing at Districts and Sections. Sectionals was the meet that qualified the team to State in the first place. As the meets went on, the opponents got tougher but Agua Fria was still able to stand their ground, with Oscar Gonzales coming in 2nd place overall and Demetri Davis following in just a little later at 6th place.

Overall the Owls placed 3rd at sectionals, locking in their spot at State!

“The competition definitely gets tougher past the district meet,”  Gonzales said.

The Agua Fria Boys Cross Country team traveled to Canyon View High School on November 5th and came back as District Champions! These six boys have been training since open runs during the summer which included extra mileage and rigorous hill training. It’s quite easy to say that they deserved their victory.

As always, Millennium was definitely there to apply pressure but the team was confident in themselves and knew they could rely on one another. They didn’t worry too much knowing that Oscar Gonzales was favored, per usual, to come in first.

Just behind Gonzales comes Demetri Davis which secured first and second place to the Owls. Out of the top five district runners, our own Owls took three of those places with Ernesto Oquita taking fourth!

Congratulations to the District Champions on a season well done, as well for beating Millenium!