Owls News · Lady Owls Basketball Focused on Improving

By: Sam Lopez

OwlFeed Sports Editor

Winter sports are back in action and so is our Lady Owls basketball team! The Lady Owls are 1-2 right now starting off their first game with a victory at Lake Havasu.

Their victory at Lake Havasu was followed by two rivalry games at Verrado and Millennium. With only three games in so far, the Lady Owls still have time to jive on and improve with each other. 

“We went into the game with a positive attitude but we also knew that this was going to a tough game. We did everything we could and now it’s time to learn from games and get better,” said senior forward Xandria Montero. 

The Lady Owls played the Millennium Tigers on February 2 and ended with a loss, 64-9. Regardless of the score, the young team worked together to finish the game and focus on what they can control. 

Under a COVID season, the teams have both been inconsistent with practices due to the cancelation then re-vote in the winter season. 

Photo Credit: David Espinoza

“There’s only so much we can control in and out of the game so the best thing we do is find a way to adjust,” said senior guard Tyraneisha Miles.

The Tigers headed into the game with a record of 5-0 while the Lady Owls went in at 1-2, with a canceled game against Sunny Slope. The Tigers have always been tough competition but it doesn’t stop the Lady Owls from playing through the adversity and getting stronger. We can watch the Lady Owls take on the Tigers again on March 5 for the Lady Owls’ senior night!

Another rival that the Lady Owls faced this week on January 29 was the Verrado Vipers, ending with a score of 76-13. Although the Owls took a loss they stayed consistent and strong when scoring throughout the quarters.

The Lady Owls started their first half with five points and ended their second-half scoring eight points which had their final score at 13.

“After games like that it can get in your head but I guess we have to remind ourselves that it’s just the beginning of the season and we have time to look at our mistakes and fix them,” said Montero. The Vipers sit at a 4-0 record while the Owls had moved to 1-1. 

As the Lady Owls season has gotten off to a rocky start, they’re not discouraged! The Lady Owls go up against Lake Havasu at home on February 5.

We wish the Lady Owls basketball team good luck and a healthy season!