Owls News · Owls Wrestling Roll on to State

By: Bella Tarzia 

OwlFeed Opinion Editor

Owls Wrestling has been working long and hard over the past few months to get to the place they are now! With tireless practices and workouts, the Owls are continuing to push through the rest of the season. 

The team finished their last match of the season on March 3 where they really showed Buckeye High School all that they had. 

The team then went on to sectionals where they showed up and showed out. This year the Owls will have 7 wrestlers advancing to state championships. 

A big congratulations to Luis Pastoriza, Jahliel Flores, and Miguel Gonzalez for being first place sectional champions in each of their weight classes. 

Photo Credit: Theresa Martinez

Also a big congratulations to our second place champions, Inacio Hernandez, Angel Martinez, and Dominick Herrera, as well as our 4th place finisher Brady Salinas. 

This season was clearly a little different for the Owls, with a global pandemic. Masks were not only the new change they faced. This year all of Agua Fria’s sports seasons were pushed back and shortened due to Covid. This makes it more challenging for the athletes to get the full training that they normally would have before matches and games. 

Although the team has not won many matches together, they still persevere and try their best. 

Team-wise we’re struggling a bit due to missing some weight classes. But the wrestlers we do have are outstanding and getting better every day,” said senior wrestling captain Angel Martinez. 

During a pandemic, it can be hard to focus on winning and losing because athletes are facing so many new changes, but what they can focus on is personal and team improvements. “Owls wrestling has been getting better every day, we are grinding every day at practice and coaches upped our conditioning and running before and after practice,” Martinez added. “We have overall made huge improvements on our skills.” 

The team has clearly made some major physical improvements, but according to junior wrestler Cassandra Bollina, “One thing that we need more of is strengthening our mentality because that is one of the biggest roles in wrestling.”

We wish our wrestlers the best of luck as they move forward to state championships! Go Owls!